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About Us

About Nat & Kate

One of our best friends once asked, “Are you two talking with your eyes again?” That basically sums it all up… We are two sisters who are convinced were intended to be twins, just born three years too late. More importantly, we are best friends – that above all else is true. Because we are each other’s perfect balance and complement, we embarked together on a journey creating and making high quality, all-natural wellness products accessible to everyone.

We are two nomads who believe everything has the possibility to be an adventure, every rule should be bent, and every action should create a ripple of peace, kindness, generosity, and fun. While we absolutely listen to way too much jam band music (5/8/77 or 7/14/19 anyone?), we believe it frames our belief system quite well: quality, hard work, connecting with real people, honesty, integrity, truth, kindness, peace, adventure, and fun. Without fun, what’s the point?