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All-natural, pure essential oil wellness products to invigorate the mind, body, & home.

.embrace the present with goods that captivate the senses.

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Why Syzygy?

The spark of an idea often comes from the combination of a refusal to settle, a gut instinct that there must be a better way, and a relentless drive for a solution. When we couldn’t find products on the market that aligned with what we wanted to have in our home and on our bodies, we decided to make our own. Taking cues from nature’s guidance and wisdom, we adhere to the parameters that everything we make:

• Is completely all-natural – absolutely no chemicals • Leverages the healing power of 100% pure essential oils • Features ingredients listed in plain English • Places quality above all else • Proudly formulated and handmade in the USA by us

To learn more about the importance of essential oils and our ethos,

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The Possibilities of the Open Road

Driven by an ethos of freedom, devotion to hard work, and an unwavering belief that quality, detail, and ethics should never be compromised, we created Syzygy. We aim to feel like that favorite, washed too many times t-shirt, that friend who's effortless to be with, that much needed bear hug that can never be too tight, that first anticipated note after a long yet blissful pause in a song, and all good things that can only be found in the simplest moments of life.

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